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Endeavour Pro High Back Operator Chair

Experience advanced ergonomic support with the Endeavour Pro High Back Operator Chair, designed to meet the demands of any dynamic work environment. This chair features a heavy-duty construction and sophisticated ergonomic adjustments, ensuring both comfort and longevity in a professional setting.


Features and Build:

  • Mechanism: Equipped with a fully ergonomic 4-lever heavy-duty mechanism that includes a seat slide, allowing for precise customization of seating position and angle.
  • Base and Mobility: A robust five-star spider base coupled with 50mm hard floor castors provides superior stability and effortless movement across various surfaces.
  • Lumbar Support: Enhanced with triple strip lumbar support, meticulously designed to align and support the spine for extended periods of sitting.
  • Seat: Constructed from luxurious heavy-duty molded foam, the seat offers a plush, supportive sitting experience that contours to the body.



  • Optional Adjustable Arms: Tailor the chair to your personal comfort with optional adjustable arms, ensuring added support and adaptability to various desk heights and work styles.



  • Backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, reflecting the chair's durability and the manufacturer's commitment to quality.


The Endeavour Pro High Back Operator Chair is the perfect solution for professionals seeking a blend of sophisticated ergonomics, robust design, and tailored comfort. It's designed to support peak productivity and wellness in any office environment.

Endeavour Chair

PriceFrom $417.00

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