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Mesh Back Operator Chair

Elevate your office seating with the Mesh Back Operator Chair, a blend of Italian design and modern functionality tailored for demanding work environments. This chair offers advanced ergonomic features and a sleek aesthetic to enhance your workspace.


Dimensions and Build:

  • Overall Size: 720mm Width x 580mm Depth x 1020-1110mm Height, designed to accommodate various body types and office settings.
  • Back Rest and Seat: Features a high elastic mesh backrest from Korea for breathability and a black fabric upholstered seat pan that provides durable comfort.
  • Mechanism: Equipped with a heavy-duty F020S synchro mechanism that includes 4 locking positions and a seat slide, allowing for optimal alignment and support.



  • Arm Rests: 3D adjustable armrests with soft PU pads can be tailored to individual preferences, enhancing comfort and reducing shoulder strain.
  • Base and Mobility: Stands on a sturdy black 5-star base with matching black castors, designed for smooth movement and stability on all floor types.
  • Lumbar Support: Features a dual-direction height adjustment lumbar support system with a 6-position and 50mm long stroke, providing targeted lower back support.


Innovative Design:

  • Unique Suspension Back Frame: Incorporates a unique suspension system that supports and adapts to your back movement, offering continuous comfort and support throughout the day.
  • Designed in Italy: Combining aesthetic appeal with innovative ergonomics, this chair reflects the elegance and functional design ethos typical of Italian craftsmanship.



  • Weight Rating: Capable of supporting up to 135kg, making it a robust choice for a wide range of users.


Enhance your productivity and comfort with the Mesh Back Operator Chair, a perfect fusion of design and functionality, ensuring prolonged comfort and style in any professional setting.

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